7/7 Commemoration

JUST West Yorkshire explores the lasting impact of the 7/7 London bombings on the local Leeds community, the implications of the government’s proposals and how the nature of terrorism is evolving.

Al Jazeera’s The Cafe

The Cafe travels to Bradford to discuss race riots, poverty and polarised communities in the UK. JUST’s Director, Ratna Lachman is among the guests on the show.

The Big Society and Young People

Young people criticise the Coalition government’s Big Society policy for failing to consider young people’s views.

The Detainee Inquiry

The Detainee Inquiry is an inquiry into the involvement of the British government in torture. Currently, it is neither transparent nor impartial enough to provide any clarify on concerns or justice for those victimised.

This video seeks to highlight some of the key issues and inform you of action taking place to make the inquiry worthwhile and lay a clear precedent for absolute intolerance when it comes to torture.

Voice of the North: Reflections on the Northern Youth Experience

The young people working on the Voice of the North project produced a youth-friendly video version of the Voice of the North: Reflections on the Northern Youth Experience Report which can be accessed at the following link:

When Hate Came To Town

Documentary looking at Bradford’s response to the static protest by the extreme far-right group, the EDL.
Intended to cause civil unrest and racial hatred, the outcome of the day surprised many.

When Hate Came To Town from Shoot Productions on Vimeo.

Civil Liberties

West Yorkshire responses to the police and anti-terror legislation.

Community Cohesion

West Yorkshire responses to the effectiveness of the Community Cohesion policy.