Census 2011: Assessing the Impact of West Yorkshire’s Population Diversity

 Location: Bradford                 Venue: Carlisle Business Centre               Date: 26-02-2013

JUST West Yorkshire and its partners, West Yorkshire Racial Justice Network, ethnicity.ac.uk and The University of Manchester hosted a census analysis event to give people in Bradford the oppoutunity to look at the issues arising from the census data and how it this impacts on Bradford.

Census 2011  _________________________________________________________________________________________

Police and Crime Commissioners Hustings: Policing Priorities for BME Communities 

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Kala Sangam               Date: 07-11-2012

JUST West Yorkshire and its partners hosted a Police and Crime Commissioners’ (PCC) Hustings to give BME communities and organisations and those committed to racial justice, an opportunity to quiz PCC candidates directly on their priorities to enable the electorate to make an informed decision.

The issue of policing priorities for BME communities is critical for our region as the demographic profile is becoming increasingly more diverse yet the race equality agenda appears to be sidelined.

Given the huge issues of policing that BME communities face – in particular:

  • The rolling back of the recommendations of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report
  • Low public confidence in the police
  •  Inadequate third-party reporting arrangements for race hate crimes
  • Record increase in regional hate crime figures
  • West Yorkshire police force in the top 5 worst in the UK for not recording crimes
  • Concerns around police corruption cases
  • Increase in civil complaints  against the police
  • Disproportionate use of stop and search on minority communities
  • Disproportionate and adverse impact of the Prevent and Contest agenda on the Muslim communities
  • Low arrest and detection rates of racially and religiously aggravated offences
  • Low representation, retention and progression of BME police officers
  • Disproportionality in misconduct proceedings against BME officers


Austerity: Counting the cost of the cuts in the Bradford District

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Clifton House               Date: 19-09-2012

The Bradford Inquiry Group, (BIG) set up to get a fair deal for Bradford’s communities by monitoring the impact of the Coalition Government’s imposed cuts, organised a public event.

Austerity: Counting the cost of the cuts in the Bradford District” offered organisations the opportunity to have their say on what they considered the council’s budget priorities should be. The process mirrored a council-led initiative with organisations working across the VCS.

The event included presentations, case studies and workshops.


 Elected Mayor: The Pros and The Cons

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Midland Hotel               Date: 30-04-2012

On the 3rd May 2012, the people of Bradford will decide in a referendum if they want to elect a Mayor for the city. The implications of this decision will be far-reaching.

To help you decide whether to vote YES or NO a public meeting has been organised to discuss the pros and cons of an elected Mayor for our city.

  • Will an elected Mayor promote stronger, more visible and accountable leadership?
  • Will it lead to extra resources and investment from central government into Bradford?
  • Will it improve investment and jobs prospects for the city?
  • Will it enhance Bradford’s national and international profile?

The government has announced its intention to set up a City Mayors’ Cabinet under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister to raise the views of local people, tackle concerns, share ideas and highlight innovation.

The YES campaigners believe that elected mayors voted directly by residents will:

  • provide strong, democratically accountable leadership
  • maximise the potential for economic growth and investment
  • bring real benefits for residents and businesses

The NO campaigners who want to retain the present system of local government believe that:

  • the mayoral system concentrates too much power in the hands of one person
  • it will be a waste of money
  • there is no evidence it will deliver better results than the present system where council leaders are elected by their political group


Bradford West By-Election 2012

Location: Bradford                 Venue: University of Bradford Student Union               Date: 21-03-2012

Due to Bradford West MP Marsha Singh retiring for reasons of ill-health, there will be a by-election on the 29th of March 2012.





The Big Society: The Good, The Bad & The Unequal?

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Midland Hotel               Date: 29-02-2012

Organised by JUST West Yorkshire, Runnymede Trust, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust & Joseph Rowntree Foundation

A National Conference addressing key question on the Big Society

  • What does fairness mean in the context of the Big Society?
  • Can the Big Society deliver racial justice?
  • Does it privilege the South over the North?
  • Is the Big Society a cover for big cuts?


  • Anna Coote – New Economic Foundation
  • Rob Berkeley – Runnymede Trust
  • Ed Cox – Institute of Public Policy, North
  • Toby Blum – Urban Forum


Presentations: Speaker Presentations

Feedback: Workshop Feedback


Kirklees Budget: BME Community Consultation

Location: Kirklees                 Venue: Al-Hikmah Centre               Date: 15-02-2012

Kirklees Council will be setting its budget for the financial year 2012/2013.

A draft budget for consultation is presently available and the executive will make a final decision on 22nd February.  The outcome of the BME community consultation will be fed back to
Kirklees Council.

This is your opportunity to influence the budget outcome


Community Rights Made Real Workshop 

Location: Leeds                 Venue: Leeds Church Institute               Date: 25-01-2012

Urban Forum and NAVCA are running a FREE workshop, in partnership with JUST West Yorkshire, to prepare for the practicalities, opportunities and challenges of the rights within the Localism Bill.  We want to support inclusion and equality in how the new rights are taken up; focussing in particular on the needs of communities who currently lack power.

As the government introduces new community rights designed to give local people the chance to take action on local services, assets and development, we want to make sure that communities are equipped with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of these when the Localism Bill comes into force in 2012.

The workshop will:

  • Brief people on the details of all the new community rights
  • Discuss their practical implications for communities
  • Share experience of existing community action – successes and pitfalls
  • Support community groups and community activists in planning how they will respond to the new rights


Bradford Budget Community Consultation 

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Sharing Voices           Date: 23-01-2012

Bradford Council will be setting its budget for the financial year 2012/2013.

A draft budget for consultation will be available from the 9th of January to the 3rd of February. The outcome of the community consultation will be fed back to Bradford Council.

The Bradford Inquiry Group (BIG), made up of organisations working across the equality strands, is coordinating a community consultation with the support of the Bradford District VCS Assembly  and Sharing Voices.


Bradford Community Equality Impact Assessment

Location: Bradford                 Venue: The Midland Hotel               Date: 27-07-2011

A number of VCS partners in Bradford have come together to organise a Community Equality Impact Assessment event to enable the collation of baseline data from the sector to help assess the impact of public sector cuts on vulnerable communities.

We are especially targeting organisations working with protected groups under the Equality Act and we have added youth and poverty as 2 further strands on the day. Please also note that you can sign up for a workshop in the morning and one for the afternoon session.


The Big Society Roadshow: Yorkshire and Humber

Location: Leeds                 Venue: Leeds Church Institute               Date: 27-07-2011

Voice4Change England in partnership with JUST West Yorkshire.

What does the Big Society mean for Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities? What is the extent of their engagement in the vision? Can the Big Society promote community empowerment?

Does the BME voluntary and community sector have a role to play? What are the challenges? Is Government listening?

As the Big Society agenda unfolds, new programmes are being launched to decentralise power to local communities, build social capital, and opening up public services. The Right to Buy gives communities powers to take ownership of buildings of community value. The Community Organisers and the National Citizens Service, led by the voluntary sector take forward a new focus on volunteering and community responsibility. The Big Society Bank will provide resources to support and develop organisations to make the Big Society happen.

The government sees voluntary and community organisations including social enterprises integral to delivering the Big Society agenda. But where does it see the BME voluntary and community sector?

As advisor to the Office for Civil Society on Big Society policies and programmes, the series of the Big Society roadshows will enable Voice4Change England to capture the emerging effects of the Big Society on BME communities and the BME voluntary and community sector.

By attending this event you will:

  • Learn more about the Big Society policies and how they might impact on your organisation and communities you serve. Share your experiences of Big Society and other Government policies.
  • Explore shared opportunities to influence the Big Society agenda.


Bradford Disturbances 2001: Ten Years On

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Carlisle Business Centre               Date: 07-07-2011

The conference explores how state policy rolled back race relations and civil liberties. This event is jointly organised by JUST West Yorkshire, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Bradford Resource Centre and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

The conference is free!!! Places are limited as there are less than 50 places left so please register by emailing mike@brc-net.org.uk or for more information contact 01274 779003.


Tell The World: Consultation Event For Race Equality Organisations

Location: Leeds                 Venue: Leeds Church Institute              Date: 14-02-2011


CERD is the United Nations body that monitors compliance by UN countries to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. All individual countries, including the UK, have to report on the way in which they comply with this Convention on average every three years. The UK has submitted its report in February 2010 and the Committee will examine it in August 2011. The UK Government will be asked a series of questions by the Committee during its examination after which it will make concluding observations to the government and the latter will be expected to address these in its race equality policies until the next submission three years later. The Committee’s conclusions therefore offer a strong opportunity for influencing the government’s policies on race equality.

• What are the main objectives of the NGO National Consultation?
1. To ensure that as many race equality NGOs are fully informed of the process and preparations for CERD and how they can influence the outcome of CERD conclusions
2. To make sure that a wide range of NGOs feed into the shadow report prepared ahead of the CERD examination of the UK report, which will be presented by a delegation of NGOs to the CERD Committee in August 2011.

• How can you be involved in CERD?
A series of 5 to 7 events will be held across the UK between in January and February 2011. During those meetings, discussions will focus on the themes included in CERD as well as the CERD process itself.

• How will I be informed of the latest developments regarding the consultation?
For more general information on the consultation and copies of the latest briefing note, please contact:
Klara Schmitz, Project Assistant
The Runnymede Trust,
7 Plough Yard
London EC2A 3LP
Tel: 020 7377 9222 / Fax: 020 7377 6622
Email: klara@runnymedetrust.org


Seeing Ahead – Creating A Transparent Equality Duty

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Khidmet Centre              Date: 08-12-2010

The National Equality Partnership, together with NAVCA and JUST West Yorkshire, is holding a free event for third sector organisations to understand public law and the new public sector Equality Duty and to share their experiences of using the existing specific duties.

Key note speaker:
Barbara Cohen, Discrimination Law Consultant


The Future Of Health And Social Care: Changes, Challenges And Opportunities

Location: Leeds                 Venue: St. George’s Church              Date: 06-12-2010

Free Half Day Consultation Workshop

Hosted by the Race Equality Foundation in partnership with the Yorkshire and Humber Forum and JUST West Yorkshire.

Please join us to have an informed conversation on:

• The implications of changes in health and social care on black and minority communities, individuals and organisations.
• Your response and feedback to the issues raised

The event will:
• Raise awareness of the prospective changes to the health services landscape
• Identify, discuss key  relevant issues from a grassroots black and minority ethnic perspective
• Help to identify further opportunities to engage and participate in the emerging NHS landscape.
• Provide direct feedback to the Department of Health


Equality Act 2010 And Race Equality Legislation

Location: Leeds                 Venue: Hillside Centre               Date: 25-11-2010

ROTA is pleased to offer a new training programme on race equality legislation and the Equality Act 2010.
It will empower the attendees with the understanding to use race equality legislation and the Equality Act 2010 to tackle discrimination and inequality.
The training will use mainly race based examples and cases to illustrate the general principles and prohibitions of the Equality Act 2010. It will describe how equalities legislation has developed of the past few decades and informed the present Law covering definitions of direct discrimination and indirect discrimination; equality duties of public authorities; and multiple discrimination.
The training has been informed and developed by the Winning the Race Coalition, a Rota-led national coalition of non-governmental organisations that has been working with the Government Equality Office and The EHRC throughout the development of the Act.

In Partnership with ROTA
ROTA is one of the UK’s leading social policy think tanks focusing on issues that affect Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities. Originally set up in 1984, ROTA aims to increase the capacity of BAME organisations and strengthen the voice of BAME communities through increased civic engagement and participation in society.


Equity And Excellence – Liberating The NHS

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Carlisle Business Centre               Date: 01-10-2010

Half Day Consultation Workshop on the NHS White Paper and Associated Consultations, hosted by the Race Equality Foundation in partnership with JUST West Yorkshire.

Please join us to have an informed conversation on:
• The implications of the proposed changes to the NHS on black and minority communities, individuals and organisations.
• Your response and feedback to the issues raised in the NHS White Paper.

The event will:
• Raise awareness of the prospective changes to the NHS landscape
• Identify, discuss key  relevant issues from a grassroots black and minority ethnic perspective
• Help to identify further opportunities to engage and participate in the emerging NHS landscape.
• Provide direct feedback to the Department of Health on the Consultations

What is “Equity and Excellence – Liberating the NHS”?

The NHS White Paper, Equity and Excellence – Liberating the NHS, is potentially the biggest transformation of the NHS since its inception in 1948.  Proposals include a focus on localised care, “no decision about me without me”, decreasing health inequalities, embedding equality, GP consortia and a number of key new statutory bodies: HealthWatch and The NHS Commissioning Board). The mechanisms of this change are still being discussed.  We look forward to your involvement in shaping the discussion.



Location: Leeds                 Venue: The Royal Armouries                Date: 29-09-2010

A Meeting between Third Sector stakeholders and West Yorkshire council leaders’ and chief executives’ representatives 25-40% budget cuts are anticipated across the board as the Coalition government’s grants to public bodies are slashed.

• How are the cuts going to affect funding for the voluntary and community sector?
• What level of cuts can the BME sector anticipate?
• Which areas of public services will be most affected?
• On what basis are decisions on cuts being made?
• How are communities involved in decisions on cuts?
This is your opportunity to find out first hand how the impending cuts in public services are going to affect your organisation and the communities you work with.



Location: Liverpool, London and Leicester               Date: 17-09-2010

Getting To Grips With The Coalition Government

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Carlisle Business Centre               Date: 26-07-2010

JUST West Yorkshire and the Regional Forum have partnered with the Urban Forum to deliver a half-day session to help Third Sector organisations understand the implications of the new government’s policies and approach.

The sessions will cover:
• Government priorities and its legislative programme
• ‘Big Society’ and the government’s approach to working with voluntary and community groups
• What the Emergency Budget means for spending plans and cuts
Ratna Lachman, Director of JUST West Yorkshire and Stephen Fox, from the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Forum will set out the challenges facing Northern communities and voluntary and community sector organisations. Toby Blume, Urban Forum’s Chief Executive will offer analysis and practical advice on what’s coming and where the opportunities lie. There will be a chance to discuss the practical implications of these plans and help inform the Third Sector’s policy development work with the new government.


Have Your Say: Bradford West Election 2010

Location: Bradford                 Venue: Carlisle Business Centre               Date: 29-04-2010

This is your opportunity to hear candidates’ views on:

• Bradford’s economy
• Immigration policy
• Community relations
• Stop and Search
• ‘War on Terror’
• Unemployment, Health and Education

JUST West Yorkshire Manifesto document entitled ‘The Black Manifesto: The Price of Race Inequality.’

The Manifesto sets out the evidence of race inequality in Britain today and provides constructive recommendations for political parties to consider.

These include a call to improving public services, tackling poverty, discrimination and disadvantage, and challenging the fall-out from the war on terror and stop and search operations.

The Manifesto is designed to help BME voters decide who they should vote for in the 2010 General Elections. Given the historic failure of political parties to deliver a fair deal for BME communities, the Manifesto calls on politicians to develop an agenda which meets BME needs and to reverse the disconnect with BME voters by rejecting the politics of demonisation and promoting the politics of engagement.

The Bradford West event is part of a series of hustings meetings organised nationally. For more information and to download a copy of the Manifesto visit: www.racequalitypolicy.co.uk



Addressing Inequality And Discrimination Using The Human Rights Act

Location: Hull, York, Leeds, Bradford, Rotherham, Sheffield                Date: 02-02-2010

Free awareness raising events on human rights for the third sector

JUST West Yorkshire and the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) are organising a series of FREE regional training events, supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, that are designed to give the third sector the opportunity to explore the relevance of human rights training to their work.

• Hull, 3rd February, 2 – 5pm: Transgender
• York, 4th February, 2 – 5pm: Disability
• Leeds, 10th February, 2 – 5pm: Disability
• Bradford, 11th February, 10.30am – 1.30pm: Young people
• Rotherham, 17th February, 2 – 5pm: BME
• Sheffield, 18th February, 10.30am – 1.30pm: Women

The training is targeted at third sector organisations working with service users in the following thematic areas:
• Young people
• Transgender
• Women (Abuse and Violence)
• Race
• Disability

The event will be relevant to regional, sub-regional and local service delivery and umbrella organisations in the Yorkshire and Humber region that:
• Provide services or advocacy and representation to the above groups
• Facilitate the participation of these groups who experience direct or indirect experience of discrimination
• Are run by and for women, young people, transgender, BME and disabled people

The event will question:
• What are human rights – what do they mean for the third sector?
• How can human rights be used as a tool by the third sector to tackle inequality and social exclusion in our society?
• How can the third sector be skilled up to be able to use human rights in their work?


A Question Of Rights: Defending Youth Right

Location: Leeds                 Venue: The Royal Armouries                Date: 17-11-2009

Ground breaking event leading civil liberties and human rights champions challenged:
•The criminalisation and surveillance of young people
•The disproportionate use of stop and search powers
•The misrepresentation of young people in the media
•The alienation of young people from the democratic process
•The lack of safe places owned by young people

Key Note Speakers:

  • Moazam Begg – One of nine British Muslims detained in Guantanamo Bay without trial and released without charge.
  • Michael Mansfield QC – leading human rights barrister who has taken on some of the most challenging cases of our time including the Birmingham six, Angels Cannings, Stephen Lawrence and Jean Charles de Menezes.
  • Local Youth Activists: Lutel James – Chairman of Chapletown Football Youth Development Centre AND Richard Bennet – Youth Mentor and role model.



Challenging The Politics Of ‘Us’ & ‘Them’

Location: Bradford                 Venue: The Midpoint Suite                Date: 03-06-2009

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty and Karen Chouhan, Director of Equanomics UK critique the community cohesion policy and assess the impact of its legacy on Black and Minority Ethnic communities and civil liberties in the UK.

In the face of some of the more negative impacts of the community cohesion policy on BME communities, the event aims to create a momentum which challenges the government to consider alternative approaches which foreground civil liberty, racial justice and equality.

Joint Organisers:
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust,
Joseph Rowntree Foundation,
JUST West Yorkshire and Oxfam

Participants will have the opportunity to shape the debate in a series of afternoon workshops.


Mounting Effective Challenge To The Threats Facing The Survival Of The BME Sector In West Yorkshire

Location: Huddersfield                 Venue: Huddersfield Town Hall                 Date: 23-03-2009

The government’s community cohesion, war on terror and preventing violent extremism agenda has led to a reduction of funding available for community-led grassroots’ work.
Commissioning and procurement monies have barely trickled into the BME Third Sector.
The debate around singleidentity group funding and the adoption of an Equalities framework is threatening to undermine the sustainability of organisations working with BME communities.

Guest Speakers:

  • Vandna Gohil, Director of Voice for Change, which advocates for the BME Third Sector nationally, will outline the current environmental challenges and share practical strategies for tackling funding barriers.
  • Pragna Patel, Chair of Southall Black Sisters, which mounted a successful legal challenge against Ealing Council’s decision to withdraw funding for its domestic violence service, will share the implications of the judicial review for single-identity groups working within the Third Sector.

Whose Terror Is It Anyway?

Location: Bradford                 Venue: National Media Museum                 Date: 21-10-2008

A Major Regional Conference Organised by JUST West Yorkshire

The UK Government’s legislative and public policy responses have given the police and other security services unprecedented powers, rolled back hard-won civil liberties and fundamentally changed the relationship between the Citizen and the State.
In this major regional conference in the North organised by JUST West Yorkshire, leading human rights experts and activists explore the impact of the 2001 Northern riots, the 7th July London bombings and the Government’s ‘war on terror’ on the region’s visible minorities, particularly Asians and people of African descent.

Guest Speakers:

  • MoazzamBegg – Ex-Guantanamo datainee & spokesperson Cageprisoners
  • Arun Kundnani – Institute of Race Relations, author The End of Tolerance
  • Pragna Patel – Activist & Chair Southall Black Sisters
  • Imran Khan – Human Rights Solicitor, Imran Khan & Partners
  • Lemn Sissay – Performance Poet & artist-inresidence South Bank Centre
  • Rob Vincent – Chief Executive Kirklees Council, ACPO Prevent Board & regional Cohesion lead
  • Hanif Malik – Director, Hamara Centre & community leader
  • John Sampson – Asst Chief Constable & West Yorkshire Counterterrorism lead