JUST’s Vision

JUST’s vision is to challenge racism and injustice wherever and whenever they occur through empowering individuals, communities and organisations in West Yorkshire to use racial justice, civil liberties and human rights approaches to achieving equitable outcomes for visible minorities.

JUST aspires to be a leading voice for racial justice, civil liberties and human rights in the Yorkshire and Humber region to ensure that Northern voices have equity in national debates, policy, strategy and legislative formulations that impact on Black and minority ethnic people and communities suffering poverty, discrimination, disadvantage and exclusion.

JUST’s Mission

To challenge the attrition of race, civil liberties and human rights and to promote anti-poverty, racial justice and anti-discriminatory approaches in public policy and legislation.

To challenge institutionally racist approaches and to be a regional leader for setting the standards against which the performance of statutory bodies and voluntary and community sector organisations in receipt of public monies are measured against.

JUST’s Values

JUST recognises that racism is a complex and diverse concept that has both a local and global dimension that is constantly changing. JUST is therefore committed to working in a non-competitive way to promote co-operation between agencies, communities and individuals in an effort to counter racist practices that disadvantage black and minority ethnic communities.